last night around 7 or 8 pm est i was pulled out of my negative slump. thank you to friends and bf for helping. theres so much negative energy around me that i dont like and its pulling me down. no more. so i have some clarity now about my whole art career. i feel better about it. selling and marketing suck. thats why i was so bad at retail. but sometimes you have to play the game if you want to get anywhere at all. networking and promoting myself is horrible. i hate it. but i gotta do that too. blah…

last night was more successful in the ways of making art. i am working on smaller pieces. i will be displaying them in the August artwalk on the 10th at GAB studios. if they do alright, i am thinking of making more. like a whole wall of nothing but small pieces no larger than 8×10. yes, i miss making big paintings, but right now, my time and budget are not allowing me to create that. but i have some good stuff stored up just waiting to be born on canvas. just wait.

anyway, come to the show August 10th. GAB Studios in Miami Wynwood District. the small pieces are very affordable. less than $50 bucks. give me feedback on them. should i make more?

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