I’ve been struggling with motivation lately. How can I keep myself working and creating? When I lived in South Florida it was pretty easy. I hated everything about my life and wanted a way out. Building a business and making art was something that kept me hopeful about the future. I was also fortunate to find a friend, now a best friend, that was also trying to do the same thing. We kept each other accountable and had weekly meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Currently, I am in a place where I’m happy. I don’t hate my job or life anymore and am pretty content. This is making me lazy. I also don’t have someone creative around me to keep me thinking. Why is it that being miserable prompts creative work and being happy doesn’t? It’s so easy to come home and get wrapped up in My 600lb Life marathons instead being productive.

I need help! What do you do to keep going? How do you keep yourself accountable and motivated?

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Ok. I’m gonna do this blog thing for real this time. I have been struggling with the direction of this blog. What do I make this blog about? My life? My art only? I don’t know. Since I don’t know I don’t post. I have read article after article about how to make your blog stand out. How to be relevant. But how do you stay relevant in a world where everyone has a blog and babies are on the internet? I don’t know. I had a blog back in 2005-2007 that I steadily kept up. I wrote about failed encounters with boys, how I was destined to be alone, and whatever else was happening in college life. That seemed to keep me writing. So today I decided why not just write about my life? I will not post stuff about boys, etc. Those things are meant for zines now. I will post about as much stuff as my 30 year old self deems internet appropriate.

So here we go. I will write! I will try and write about my creative life. I like doing a lot of different things. I get bored easily. One day I hope to have all my work tied together in some sort of cohesive direction, but I haven’t figured that out yet. I am a painter, I like sewing, and I like decorating. Hopefully in this process I will find a theme to my work. We’ll see.